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Information Technology

Information Technology S&P 500
Sectors Charts
Biggest Gainers % Change
125.1.SAHN Saudi American Holdings Corp +414.29%
ACUIF AcuityAds Holdings Inc +21.49%
SPLK Splunk Inc +17.89%
125.1.NRILY Nomura Research Institute Ltd +15.93%
IPDN Professional Diversity Network Inc +13.65%

Data as of 9:01:00PM ET

Biggest Losers % Change
125.1.ORHK Orangehook Inc -33.33%
CPWR Ocean Thermal Energy Corp -23.08%
125.1.ESIGF ESI Group SA -14.83%
DRNE Drone Aviation Holding Corp -14.40%
MPAY Mobetize Corp -12.86%

Data as of 9:01:11PM ET