Market Sectors

Updated: 3:36:50PM ET

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Industrials S&P 500
Sectors Charts
Biggest Gainers % Change
125.1.OYOCF Oyo Corp +18.33%
NSFDF NXT Energy Solutions Inc +10.83%
AQMS Aqua Metals Inc +10.58%
NGL NGL Energy Partners LP +8.45%
GSTPRB Gastar Exploration Inc +8.20%

Data as of 9:01:11PM ET

Biggest Losers % Change
125.1.PRTR Precicion Trim Inc -46.67%
PFIE Profire Energy Inc -11.53%
TCP TC PipeLines LP -10.83%
PGSVY Petroleum Geo Services ASA -10.37%
DM Dominion Energy Midstream Partners LP -10.19%

Data as of 9:00:53PM ET