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Updated: 12:32:36PM ET

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Healthcare S&P 500
Sectors Charts
Biggest Gainers % Change
CGIX Cancer Genetics Inc +11.46%
VNRX VolitionRX Ltd +9.38%
FVE Five Star Senior Living Inc +4.17%
NVTA Invitae Corp +1.74%
CSU Capital Senior Living Corp +1.70%

Data as of 12:17:35PM ET

Biggest Losers % Change
EPSV Emergency Pest Services Inc -16.67%
MYND MYnd Analytics Inc -10.50%
PFHO Pacific Health Care Organization Inc -9.09%
QHC Quorum Health Corp -4.87%
CCM Concord Medical Services Holdings Ltd -4.45%

Data as of 12:17:35PM ET