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Updated: 11:56:41PM ET

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Financial Services

Financial Services S&P 500
Sectors Charts
Biggest Gainers % Change
125.1.HRBK Harbor Bankshares Corp +44.03%
125.1.SIOPF Shimao Property Holdings Ltd +25.79%
SPOXF Sprott Inc +22.55%
125.1.BKPKF Bank Polska Kasa Opieki SA +21.12%
AZIHY Azimut Holding SpA +15.81%

Data as of 9:01:05PM ET

Biggest Losers % Change
JBCT JobLocationMap Inc -59.40%
IMHC Imperalis Holding Corp -30.29%
CUII China United Insurance Service Inc -20.75%
125.1.FRIE Friends Bank -20.00%
STHI Sprout Tiny Homes Inc -19.82%

Data as of 9:01:07PM ET