Market Sectors

Updated: 12:43:52PM ET

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Energy S&P 500
Sectors Charts
Biggest Gainers % Change
ASDN Astro Aerospace Ltd +13.73%
125.1.HRSTW Harvest Oil & Gas Corp +11.11%
PTOAF Pieridae Energy Ltd +9.92%
ZN Zion Oil and Gas Inc +8.11%
BRN Barnwell Industries Inc +6.86%

Data as of 12:28:52PM ET

Biggest Losers % Change
125.1.BYIN Baying Ecological Holding Group Inc -11.31%
EGC Energy XXI Gulf Coast Inc -7.74%
GSTPA Gastar Exploration Inc -7.69%
NUGS Cannabis Strategic Ventures -5.19%
LMCNF Leagold Mining Corp -4.01%

Data as of 12:28:36PM ET